Unsure How To Start the Visa Process for your Fiancée?

Download our free Fiancée Visa Guide. This guide will:

Explain the fiancée visa process step-by-step.
​Give you a checklist to get your case started right.
​Help you get your fiancée to the U.S. faster.

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Bring Your Fiancée to the US Sooner

Our immigration attorneys can help you apply for a fiancée visa so you and your loved one can be together in the United States. It’s difficult to maintain a long distance relationship or plan a wedding when your fiancée’s visa status is uncertain. We want to make sure the process is not unnecessarily long or complicated for our clients, so we walk them through each step along the way.

Avoid any delays or extra costs associated with incorrect paperwork.

Download our free guide to get started.

Live a Life Without Immigration Limits

Our clients tell us they were sick of being limited by not having the right documents due to having no immigration status. Others tell us they were sick of paying taxes but not being entitled to the same treatment as U.S. citizens. And some were just ready to take the final step in making the United States their forever home.

Our immigration attorneys can help you apply for a visa for your fiancée. Download our free guide to learn more.

Our Commitment to Immigration Reform

The attorneys of Godoy Law Office know that the only way to inspire meaningful immigration reform in the U.S. is by helping more green card holders become citizens so they can get the right to vote.

But more importantly, we know how relieved our clients feel after they have applied for their green card or citizenship. They no longer feel anxious that they will be deported and they feel pride that they are treated equally as a U.S. citizen, just like everyone else.

If you or your loved ones are ready to make the United States your home, we want to help you. Contact us today.

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